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Holly Fischer Sculptures

Holly Fischer hand builds ceramic sculptures with white stoneware clay. I set the aperture of my telephoto lens wide open in order to shoot close to the objects using ambient gallery lighting and to create an ambiguous sense of scale with a narrow depth of field. Her work in the exhibit represented here is all natural white ceramic. Any darker tonality is created in the editing process.


The play between gallery spot lights and the folded surfaces of her sculptures created a complex geography of shadows and light: shadows on shadows, light on shadow, light on light, for close shifts of grey tones. In some instances I applied a solarization filter to reverse tonality (light to dark and dark to light) and a mezzotint filter during editing for a grainy textural appearance. In either case the sculptures were delightful subjects for my black and white compositions.


holly-fisher-looking-back-wcc-20150404-P4040082 holly-fisher-looking-back-wcc-20150404-P4040066 holly-fisher-looking-back-wcc-20150404-P4040029 holly-fisher-looking-back-wcc-20150404-P4040073 holly-fisher-looking-back-wcc-20150404-P4040060

Metal Prints

My friend, Tom Wyatt, has exhibited some lovely color photographs of reflections on various kinds of natural and human made surfaces. His metal prints of these subject materials are amazing to see, if you get the chance.

I recently received a Groupon deal by email for $5 metal prints that includes a limited time offer to share it for additional savings. If you’d like to take advantage, you can find the offer here.

Here is one of the images I uploaded for printing:


Here’s another uploaded image, an unusual effort for me, solarized color infrared:


Because I have no experiences with the seller, I can’t personally endorse them; but I have had positive experiences with other Groupon deals in the past. Be sure to let me know, if you take advantage, what you think when you see your prints; now that I’ve got some metal prints in the pipeline I will do the same once they arrive.